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Disc Couplings
PTC DISC COUPLING is based on discs made of a package of thin metal sheets. This new design breaks away with classical flexible couplings. A disc coupling has no friction and no moving parts, so it doesn’t require lubricating oil and can operate safely in high temperature environments.

In addition, disc couplings have a simpler structure and can transmit large torques even though it has light weight. It accepts different misalignments and has to no backlash and a large torsional rigidity. Besides, it can be quickly and reliably mounted and disassembled because it is made up of few parts.

The most important quality of this coupling is its high reliability. It keeps operating even if some sheets in their disc packs are damaged due to an unexpected overload. Therefore, it helps maintain functioning the whole system. DISC COUPLING is widely used at industrial sites due to its more economical mechanical operability, safety and convenience.
  • 1. Hub : S45C
  • 2. Disc pack : STS304, STS301
  • 3. Spacer : S45C
  • 4. Reamer Bolt: SM45C-H
  • 5. Nylon Nut: SM45C + NYLON
  • 6. Bush (Overload bush) : S45C
  • 7. Washer bush : S45C
Click on the product photo and you’ll find the specification.