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Talent Concept
Sympathizing with heart and will.
Respect for ideas and challenges.
Trusting talents and potential.
Welfare benefits
Working environment
  • For the best working environment, a lounge and shower room are provided to contribute to your good rest.
  • Team management/dinner expenses are supported to refresh your work tiredness.
  • Ensure your office life in a free and comfortable atmosphere as in other overseas advanced firms.
  • Employees who have worked with the sense of responsibility and confidence for/in the company are selected and awarded each year.
  • A plaque and souvenir are awarded every 10 years of continued work at the company.
  • Employees who have contributed to company advancement by presenting brilliant ideas are selected and awarded.
  • A summer vacation is provided to take a rest in cool places during hot summer.
  • Vacation for family event is provided according to the family event regulation.
  • New year/year end events to renew the company’s efforts and vision
  • Monthly sports event to reinforce teamwork
  • Biannual workshop for executive-staff teamwork
Recruitment procedure
01Application form collection
02Document screening
03Interview screening
04Final passing
Educational benefit
New employee training
field practice training,
external commissioned training
Job training
work ability development training
Leadership training
training on leadership necessary for each position